November 19, 2015

This video: How to cook a turkey, will show you how to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving Day for family dinner.

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How To Cook A Turkey
for Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Learn how to roast a turkey. Roasting a turkey or deep oil frying a turkey is a traditional Thanksgiving food that people serve during Thanksgiving Day in the USA.

As shown in this video, we are doing a roasting or baking recipe of the turkey in the stove oven. The turkey is not brined, instead we are using mayonnaise to coat the turkey breast or meat and then we bake it in the oven.

We do this recipe and technique every year, and the roasted turkey always end up super moist and delicious, and we are always happy with the result - we are thankful for that :-)

For the first time, we are adding some bacon strips in this turkey recipe as an experiment, this is an optional part.

Hopefully, you learn some tips and techniques of cooking a turkey in this video.

Advance Happy Thanksgiving Day to YOU and Your FAMILY.

Don't forget to be THANKFUL and APPRECIATE the GREAT THINGS in LIFE. The good news is a lot of the BEST THINGS in LIFE is FREE - LOVE, FAMILY, FRIENDSHIPS, FAITH, HOPE, etc..

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