May 30, 2013

The VIDEO above show you the step by step process on how to cook a delicious Pork Stew with carrots, potatoes, and green beans vegetables. I like to use pork tenderloin for this recipe because of the quality of meat it has, tender and almost feel like it would melt in your mouth together with the flavorful veggies when eaten.

Depends on the servings that you want to make, usually I use one (1) pound of pork meat for this recipe. And almost same amount of diced carrots, and also equal amount of potatoes. If possible cut the pork, carrots and potatoes the same diced sizes around 3/4 inches to 1 inches square. Please note that in the video above I used two (2) pounds of pork, but I added almost equal amount of potato and carrot, to make it proportionate.

As far as the green beans, its optional, you can have it in the recipe or not, either way, the dish would taste just as good. I do like adding green beans for added nutrients as well as added color, and gives more twist to the taste of the dish as a whole.  In the video above, I am using canned green beans, but I would suggest using uncooked fresh green beans instead. Please keep in mind that when you are using an uncooked green beans instead, they usually takes longer to cook compare to the carrots and potatoes, so I would cook it first, and let the soup boil and cook the beans halfway before I would add the carrots, and then the potatoes. In the video, since I used a canned green beans, which is already soft and cooked, I added or cooked it last, after the carrots and the potatoes.

This recipe is best serve hot with warm steamed white rice. I personally love this dish, nothing too fancy yet healthy and delicious. Hope you learn something new today, enjoy the rest of your day. I have more recipes featured in this blog, feel free to check them out too. Jazevox

May 28, 2013

As shown in the step-by-step VIDEO above, I simply used regular spices like salt, pepper, powdered garlic and parsley flakes to flavor the chicken quarter legs. I like using regular spices because I like to be able to taste the natural flavor of the chicken instead of having it over-powered by the flavorings of the crumbs or sauce flavorings, although I use them as well, occasionally. The process of cooking or baking is pretty much the same if you prefer to use other flavorings aside from the regular salt and pepper ones, just brush your preferred or chosen  flavor into the raw chicken meat before cooking or baking so that it will have a chance to soak into the meat and give the meat some flavor, not just the skin, when it is cooked.

For big chunks of chicken meats, I would suggest baking it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The first 25 minutes will be baked covered with aluminum foil to make sure that all parts of the chicken is cooked evenly all throughout, and these will help keep the natural moisture of the chicken intact as well, which will keep the chicken meat juicy rather than dry at the end of the cooking. After baking it for 25 minutes covered, you need to flip it over and bake it for another 15 minutes uncovered, which will start to fry the chicken, and help make the chicken crispy crisp to eat. Flip it again and bake for another 10-15 minutes uncovered to fry the other side as well. If you are using sauce flavoring, you might need to brush some more flavorings into the chicken while it is cooking without cover.

Best serve hot with warm steamed white rice, or flavored rice like Rice-A-Roni :-)

May 21, 2013

The VIDEO above shows you the step-by-step process on how to cook a store bought Baby Back Ribs Pork Loin BBQ or Barbeque using an outdoor gas grill. There is no better feeling than a beautiful sunny afternoon summer day grilling some delicious barbeque with your family outdoor, and savor the juicy meat of a grilled tender baby back ribs.

 Basing on our experience, its ALL ABOUT the MEAT. To start, you need to buy a quality Baby Back Ribs because you can cook a meat however you want it but if you don't have the right quality, its not going to be a very enjoyable meal when the meat texture is hard or gummy, we have that experience, and it was a hard meal to shallow. There is no easy way to tell which meat is better than the other at the store, its not like the meat can talk while buying it in the grocery store or supermarket to tell us that they eat healthier food in the farm. For a lot of us, who are not really meat experts, its going to be a challenge to pick the right meat, and sometimes what we ended up with are the only ones that are available in the store, some stores only carry one brand of baby back ribs or pork loin. For us, we experiment with different brands, and once we find the ones we like the best, we try  to stick with it because experimenting all the time can result into having a meal nightmare when you ended up buying a hard gummy meat. We do notice that even if they are the same brand, its not going to be the same quality every time because its a different animal every single week, and the animals diet and life in the farm can surely affect the quality of meat we are getting. Once you master your meat picking, the grilling and cooking part of it is part of the fun, the best part is eating it.
There are several different ways to season a baby back ribs meat like using just some gold old spices (that is always available in our kitchen cabinets) like salt, pepper, garlic, etc. Or you can try some different flavored barbeque sauce that you can easily purchase in a grocery store or supermarket. Most of the barbeque sauces are seasoned and well-flavored, all you need to do is rub or brush the sauce evenly in the meat while it is cooking in your grill. Basing on personal experience, we don't put all the barbeque sauce all at once at the beginning of the grilling because they tend to burn in the surface of the meat. We usually brush the sauce 15 minutes before the grilling is done, when the meat is fully cooked. As far as type of barbeque sauce, there are endless supply (in the USA) of different flavors in the store, its all about personal preference, some people like it hot and spicy flavor, some like it sweet and mild. Just like choosing the right meat, it is hard to really know for sure how each sauce flavor will taste like unless you try it and experiment with the ones that you think you will like. Family and friends who tried some flavors might be able to recommend you? Most barbeque sauce are labeled to tell you what ingredients are in it, if it has honey, celery, etc.
With some healthy side dishes like green beans, corns kernels, and sliced or diced potatoes, your freshly cooked baby back ribs barbeque is ready to eat! Bon appetite!
Don't forget to watch the VIDEO above for the step-by-step process of seasoning the meat, all the way to cutting it and plating it, ready to serve.
Written and photography by Jazevox. All Rights Reserved.
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May 15, 2013

In the VIDEO above, the fruits (pineapple, strawberries and banana) medley smoothie with carrots, and mango and guava nectar came out really good tasting healthy breakfast drink. We had it for breakfast and it was delicious smoothie, not to mention healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients as well. As far as the mango juice and guava nectar that were added to the recipe, you can substitute it with other types of juice like orange, or even milk.

Tropical Smoothie Recipes, Fruits And Vegetable Smoothies Recipe
Tropical Smoothie Recipes, Fruits And Vegetable Smoothies Recipe
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For a simpler blend, we also tried just having a strawberry and banana with some vanilla ice cream and milk for a creamer taste and flavor. Learn how to make a Strawberry Banana Smoothies in step by step video guide showing you from start to finish:

Really great and yummy breakfast alternative, I can have it everyday whenever possible :-)

tropical smoothie recipes book fruits and vegetables healthy smoothies recipe
Tropical Smoothie Recipes BOOK
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May 11, 2013

easy to prepare recipe on how to cook potatoes n egg for breakfastBreakfast time... they come calling every morning when you wake up! Personally, I like easy to prepare meals to cook for breakfast because who wants to eat a gigantic steak or complicated meat dishes in the morning? Not me. Our all-time favorite breakfast recipe that we often have throughout the year is a combo of diced potatoes and over easy eggs. We like it because not only do they give some really good nutrients to help start the day, they are quick and easy to cook and the ingredients are readily available in our pantry and refrigerator most of the time.
DICED POTATOES With Red Bell Pepper And Parsley
For the diced potatoes recipe, here are the ingredients: peeled 2 to 3 pieces medium size potatoes, around half of a red bell pepper (preferably fresh), dried parsley flakes (or fresh), some spices to taste including garlic powder, salt and ground black pepper. Here is a step by step video showing the process of cooking the diced potatoes from start to finish:  How to cook fried potatoes / diced potatoes.


And for the over easy eggs, all you need are some large to extra large size eggs, usually 2 to 3 pieces for each person will suffice. To add flavor to the eggs we usually use some salt, ground black pepper, and sprinkle some parsley flakes on it just to get some extra nutrients. For extra flavorful taste, a garlic powder will definitely add extra flavor to the egg, but these things are your personal preferences and the recipe will do without it, either way, the eggs will taste good. Here is a step by step video showing how to prepare and cook an over easy egg recipe: How to cook Over Easy Eggs.

A healthy breakfast to start the day, that's great. Finish the good meal with a glass of orange or mango juice, for a dose of vitamin C, etc.

May 7, 2013

You walk into your local supermarket or grocery store, and there is this bunch of tropical pineapple fruits beautifully displayed in the front lobby of the store enticing shoppers to not only look at it but buy it so that they can taste the mouthwatering goodness of the fruit with its palatable sweet juicy taste in it and enjoy the healthy nutrients that the fruits offer including a healthy dose of vitamin C and potassium. But pineapple originated from the tropics so in western countries like the United States, and European countries an actual pineapple fruit is not a common plant that many residents plant in their backyard to harvest some fruits. Many conveniently eat pineapple fruits their whole life by buying a canned pineapple that are readily available in most supermarkets, and most of them are properly preserved and pack which retain most of the goodness of the pineapple fruit. But there is nothing compare to a fresh pineapple that you just peeled and slice to eat. But for some, looking at an actual whole pineapple fruit can be a totally foreign thing, with its spikey and thorny crown, and hard think exterior skin, but these things should NOT stop you from buying the pineapple that you came across in the store, I hope. Opening a pineapple fruit, peeling its skin, removing its hard inner core, removing the pineapple eyes and seeds all around, and slicing them in bite-size chunks are not as hard as some people may think or imagine.

Here is a step by step video guide from start to finish on how to peel, open, cut pineapple fruit:

Here are three (3) parts videos to walk you through each of the process it takes to open a pineapple all the way to preparing it ready-to-eat.

PART 1: How To Open Fresh Pineapple Fruit or Peel Hard Skin with Kitchen Knife
Learn how to open a delicious fresh pineapple fruit or peel a hard skin of a pineapple using a readily available kitchen knife. Inorder to eat a fresh pineapple, you got to learn how to open it first :-)

PART 2: Part 2 How To Remove Pineapple Fruit Eyes with Kitchen Knife
Learn how to remove pineapple fruit eyes using a kitchen knife only. Its very easy and simple procedure. Watch and you will learn the a-b-c of how to do it. Inorder to enjoy a fresh slice of pineapple, the eyes need to come off first, be sure to watch out for some seeds in the same area, in case you are interested to germinate them too.

PART 3: How To Remove Hard Core of Peeled Pineapple Fruit and Slice Into Chunk
Learn how to remove the hard uneatable core part of a peeled whole pineapple fruit, and learn how to slice a whole pineapple into bite-size chunk pieces, this way you can easily eat them with a fork and not to worry about the hard uneatable part of the fruit.

After watching all the three (3) videos above, I hope that you learn something somehow especially if you never done it before. So hopefully next time you are at your local grocery store shopping and you see a bunch of pineapple fruits, the looks of it will not be so intimidating since you know exactly what to do with it, from peeling the skin, to slicing it ready to serve.

May 4, 2013


To make the Deviled Eggs recipe, as shown in the VIDEO above, good for 2 to 4 people you will need 10 to 12 pieces of eggs, which will yield around 20 to 24 deviled eggs in this recipe (as shown in video above). The video shows you all the ingredients you will need, and the step by step process on how to make a deviled egg from start to finish.

One of my favorite all-time snack is Deviled Eggs. I like how a not-so-exciting boiled eggs have more flavorings and delightful taste in them. It is true, it is so much easier to boil eggs and grab the salt and pepper and start eating them, so why go with the hassle of adding extra work and preparation to make Deviled Eggs? Because once you tasted a deviled egg, it is hard to go back to just a simple hard boiled eggs. I have the same dilemma, every time I am eating a boiled egg, I always wish it is more flavorful, I wished I am eating a deviled egg instead... or perhaps it's just my taste preference in which I like the creamier taste of the deviled egg, and the more flavorful taste it has.. but then I notice that when I make deviled eggs, they got eaten by my family faster than a hard boiled egg does! That scenario does speak for itself that there is something about deviled egg that is more exciting to the palate.. its not just me :-)

If you want to prepare Deviled Eggs for a party or gathering, you can step it up further with cute and fun creatives using black olives, carrots, or other vegetables that you can cut and shape to look like faces with eyes, noses, and mouth in each of the deviled egg. When I made this video tutorial, I was cooking for our regular daily snack so I did not feel the need to decorate the deviled eggs with faces. But you can decorate them however you want. Instead of just using the spoon to fill each of the half white egg with the egg yolk mixture, you can use a cake icing dispenser to achieve a decorative pattern on the egg yolk mixture, you can shape it like flowers, etc.. There are endless possibilities on how you can decorate the deviled eggs for the purpose of fun presentation that will make your guests and visitors in awe during parties and gatherings. Hope you enjoy the video tutorial, please feel free to follow this blog, and also in my Google+ page, there are more exciting stuff to come.

March 10, 2013

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Tropical Smoothie Recipes, Fruits And Vegetables Smoothies Book, BUY NOW

Tropical Smoothie Recipes, Fruits And Vegetables Smoothies Book, BUY NOW
Tropical Smoothie Recipes,
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