May 15, 2015

Fried Bananas Foster Recipe - No Bake Banana Desserts - Quick And Easy Dessert Recipes Ideas

This is my personal version of a homemade Bananas Foster recipe, or simply Fried Bananas. As you can see in the step-by-step video above I am using a fully riped banana, the banana looks spotty outside but its still perfectly ripe inside. After cutting each of the banana in half and slicing them in halves, I fried it using an olive oil, in this video. You can either use an olive oil or an unsalted butter (just melt it in the hot frying fan). You don't have to have too much of the oil or butter in the fan, just make sure that you coat the surface of the fan, and it is best to use a fully flat frying fan so that the banana will have the chance to fry evenly.

I tried other version of this recipe using butter and brown sugar, but after tasting the finished product I realized that it was too sweet so I revised the recipe, experiment and frying the banana using just an oil or melted butter and see how it would come out. As a result, I realize that brown sugar is not really needed at all since by frying the bananas their natural sugar contents naturally release and caramelize on the surface of the banana, it taste sweet as if you put sugar in them.

Fried Bananas Foster Recipe - No Bake Banana Desserts - Quick And Easy Dessert Recipes Ideas
Fried Bananas Foster Recipe - No Bake Banana Desserts
I would recommend eating the fried bananas while its hot, and you can serve it with vanilla ice cream toppings, but its not necessary to have the ice cream, you can eat it with just the banana alone, and it taste great and delicious regardless. But having the ice cream definitely give an extra flavor and new twist to the taste buds.

Thank you for dropping by in my blog today. If you try this recipe feel free to leave a comment here and let me know how it came out, or if you like it or not. We have more food and cooking videos at

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