May 7, 2013

You walk into your local supermarket or grocery store, and there is this bunch of tropical pineapple fruits beautifully displayed in the front lobby of the store enticing shoppers to not only look at it but buy it so that they can taste the mouthwatering goodness of the fruit with its palatable sweet juicy taste in it and enjoy the healthy nutrients that the fruits offer including a healthy dose of vitamin C and potassium. But pineapple originated from the tropics so in western countries like the United States, and European countries an actual pineapple fruit is not a common plant that many residents plant in their backyard to harvest some fruits. Many conveniently eat pineapple fruits their whole life by buying a canned pineapple that are readily available in most supermarkets, and most of them are properly preserved and pack which retain most of the goodness of the pineapple fruit. But there is nothing compare to a fresh pineapple that you just peeled and slice to eat. But for some, looking at an actual whole pineapple fruit can be a totally foreign thing, with its spikey and thorny crown, and hard think exterior skin, but these things should NOT stop you from buying the pineapple that you came across in the store, I hope. Opening a pineapple fruit, peeling its skin, removing its hard inner core, removing the pineapple eyes and seeds all around, and slicing them in bite-size chunks are not as hard as some people may think or imagine.

Here is a step by step video guide from start to finish on how to peel, open, cut pineapple fruit:

Here are three (3) parts videos to walk you through each of the process it takes to open a pineapple all the way to preparing it ready-to-eat.

PART 1: How To Open Fresh Pineapple Fruit or Peel Hard Skin with Kitchen Knife
Learn how to open a delicious fresh pineapple fruit or peel a hard skin of a pineapple using a readily available kitchen knife. Inorder to eat a fresh pineapple, you got to learn how to open it first :-)

PART 2: Part 2 How To Remove Pineapple Fruit Eyes with Kitchen Knife
Learn how to remove pineapple fruit eyes using a kitchen knife only. Its very easy and simple procedure. Watch and you will learn the a-b-c of how to do it. Inorder to enjoy a fresh slice of pineapple, the eyes need to come off first, be sure to watch out for some seeds in the same area, in case you are interested to germinate them too.

PART 3: How To Remove Hard Core of Peeled Pineapple Fruit and Slice Into Chunk
Learn how to remove the hard uneatable core part of a peeled whole pineapple fruit, and learn how to slice a whole pineapple into bite-size chunk pieces, this way you can easily eat them with a fork and not to worry about the hard uneatable part of the fruit.

After watching all the three (3) videos above, I hope that you learn something somehow especially if you never done it before. So hopefully next time you are at your local grocery store shopping and you see a bunch of pineapple fruits, the looks of it will not be so intimidating since you know exactly what to do with it, from peeling the skin, to slicing it ready to serve.

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