May 21, 2013

How To Cook Baby Back Ribs Pork Loin BBQ Barbeque In The Grill

The VIDEO above shows you the step-by-step process on how to cook a store bought Baby Back Ribs Pork Loin BBQ or Barbeque using an outdoor gas grill. There is no better feeling than a beautiful sunny afternoon summer day grilling some delicious barbeque with your family outdoor, and savor the juicy meat of a grilled tender baby back ribs.

 Basing on our experience, its ALL ABOUT the MEAT. To start, you need to buy a quality Baby Back Ribs because you can cook a meat however you want it but if you don't have the right quality, its not going to be a very enjoyable meal when the meat texture is hard or gummy, we have that experience, and it was a hard meal to shallow. There is no easy way to tell which meat is better than the other at the store, its not like the meat can talk while buying it in the grocery store or supermarket to tell us that they eat healthier food in the farm. For a lot of us, who are not really meat experts, its going to be a challenge to pick the right meat, and sometimes what we ended up with are the only ones that are available in the store, some stores only carry one brand of baby back ribs or pork loin. For us, we experiment with different brands, and once we find the ones we like the best, we try  to stick with it because experimenting all the time can result into having a meal nightmare when you ended up buying a hard gummy meat. We do notice that even if they are the same brand, its not going to be the same quality every time because its a different animal every single week, and the animals diet and life in the farm can surely affect the quality of meat we are getting. Once you master your meat picking, the grilling and cooking part of it is part of the fun, the best part is eating it.
There are several different ways to season a baby back ribs meat like using just some gold old spices (that is always available in our kitchen cabinets) like salt, pepper, garlic, etc. Or you can try some different flavored barbeque sauce that you can easily purchase in a grocery store or supermarket. Most of the barbeque sauces are seasoned and well-flavored, all you need to do is rub or brush the sauce evenly in the meat while it is cooking in your grill. Basing on personal experience, we don't put all the barbeque sauce all at once at the beginning of the grilling because they tend to burn in the surface of the meat. We usually brush the sauce 15 minutes before the grilling is done, when the meat is fully cooked. As far as type of barbeque sauce, there are endless supply (in the USA) of different flavors in the store, its all about personal preference, some people like it hot and spicy flavor, some like it sweet and mild. Just like choosing the right meat, it is hard to really know for sure how each sauce flavor will taste like unless you try it and experiment with the ones that you think you will like. Family and friends who tried some flavors might be able to recommend you? Most barbeque sauce are labeled to tell you what ingredients are in it, if it has honey, celery, etc.
With some healthy side dishes like green beans, corns kernels, and sliced or diced potatoes, your freshly cooked baby back ribs barbeque is ready to eat! Bon appetite!
Don't forget to watch the VIDEO above for the step-by-step process of seasoning the meat, all the way to cutting it and plating it, ready to serve.
Written and photography by Jazevox. All Rights Reserved.
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