May 11, 2013

Diced Potatoes And Over Easy Eggs For A Good Breakfast Meal

easy to prepare recipe on how to cook potatoes n egg for breakfastBreakfast time... they come calling every morning when you wake up! Personally, I like easy to prepare meals to cook for breakfast because who wants to eat a gigantic steak or complicated meat dishes in the morning? Not me. Our all-time favorite breakfast recipe that we often have throughout the year is a combo of diced potatoes and over easy eggs. We like it because not only do they give some really good nutrients to help start the day, they are quick and easy to cook and the ingredients are readily available in our pantry and refrigerator most of the time.
DICED POTATOES With Red Bell Pepper And Parsley
For the diced potatoes recipe, here are the ingredients: peeled 2 to 3 pieces medium size potatoes, around half of a red bell pepper (preferably fresh), dried parsley flakes (or fresh), some spices to taste including garlic powder, salt and ground black pepper. Here is a step by step video showing the process of cooking the diced potatoes from start to finish:  How to cook fried potatoes / diced potatoes.


And for the over easy eggs, all you need are some large to extra large size eggs, usually 2 to 3 pieces for each person will suffice. To add flavor to the eggs we usually use some salt, ground black pepper, and sprinkle some parsley flakes on it just to get some extra nutrients. For extra flavorful taste, a garlic powder will definitely add extra flavor to the egg, but these things are your personal preferences and the recipe will do without it, either way, the eggs will taste good. Here is a step by step video showing how to prepare and cook an over easy egg recipe: How to cook Over Easy Eggs.

A healthy breakfast to start the day, that's great. Finish the good meal with a glass of orange or mango juice, for a dose of vitamin C, etc.


minnie@thelady8home said...

My Favourite breakfast...ever!! I love diced potatoes and over easy eggs. I make them spicy too, especially with salt and pepper and I often add red chili flakes. Yummmm!!!

Unknown said...

I literally just woke up and only had a Nutragrain bar, this looks AWESOME.

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